Friday, March 23, 2012

SxSW Day 9

Saturday, March 17


So I rolled into this last day of SxSWm, running on fumes. The panel pickings seemed pretty slim this year on the last day, to boot.

The Big Pink on the Day Stage

I can't remember much about this band. I remember staying for a listen, so I must have enjoyed it.

The Big Pink

Run for Cover: The Future of Cloud Commerce

This was a Continuing Legal Education (CLE) session for lawyers, but the sessions are also open to all badge holdes. The topic was Cloud Computing, and I must say that the panel while somewhat informed, still seemed to be missing some key points.

I think much of the debate during this session is for naught, since ACTA snowball is already rolling down the hill, and will probably flatten anything in its path. I guess we'll see.

Lawyers talk clouds

Style X

Having no interest in fashion, I didn't stay for the event. Apparently, this was one of the SxSW experiments for this year. I'm going to have to look for a write-up, and see whether it was considered a success or not.

Style X Runway

Soul Train Tribute

Strangely, this was presented on the smaller day stage, not at a panel. It was a retrospective about the history of Soul Train, given by one of Don Cornelius' sons.

Soul Train Tribute

Day Parties

World Beat Online Party

My good friends the Srinivasan brothers, are musicians who have started a new music called World Beat Online. The site promotes and features all genres of world music. This being their first year of operation, they celebrated in a big way, with a day party, on South Congress.

I walked over the Congress Street bridge to this party, and spent most of the afternoon there. In addition to a full line up of bands, featuring a variety of Asian, African, and South American music, there were also food carts, including one that sold Creme Brulee.

World Beat Online Party


Chrysta Bell at Ballet Austin

Some time during the afternoon, I ran into Cedric They again, and he informed me that we had missed Chrysta Bell. A quick check of Pat Mastelotto's site showed that he had not played Friday night, but would be doing a free show at Austin Ballet with her, on this night.

I changed my plans, and opted for this instead of the clubs. Chrysta played in a small intimate room at the Austin Ballet Studio, that had been setup for recording. There were about 40 people present, including her family, and Pat's wife, Deb.

The show lasted about 90 minutes, and was outstanding. Afterwards, I hung around and talked to Pat and Deb. The conversation eventually turned towards camp this year again (and I can't wait). It turns out, that a scheduling conflict occurred, and the camp has moved back one week.

Chrysta Bell

Attempt to get into Antones

After Chrysta finished her show, I walked up to Antones in an attempt to catch Candlebox. No luck, the club was packed to the gills. I then walked over to 6th street, and after finding nothing that piqued my interest, I decided to call it a night.

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