Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SxSW Day 5

Tuesday, March 13


3 Secrets to a Killer Elevator Pitch

This panel included Austin based entrepreneur, Joshua Baer, who is CEO of Other Inbox, and one of the people behind Capital Factory. They discussed the importance, and key elements of an Elevator Pitch, followed by real life examples, of people practicing their pitch. From my involvement with Austin on Rails, I know Joshua, as well as several of the people they showed videos of, like Info Chimps.

Towards the end of the session, they had some first-time entrepreneurs rehearse their pitch, through several iterations, followed by immediate feedback from the panel. Very useful, and interesting session.

A Conversation with Mark Mothersbaugh

This year at SxSW, Mark spoke solo. After starting with the obligatory personal history, Mark quickly shifted the focus on Mutato Music, his production company, rather than Devo. Of course in my case, there was no way I was missing this session.

Mark Mothersbaugh

Digital Debauchery with Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain is on the polar opposite end of the spectrum from Willem DaFoe. Bourdain has a digital media team that seems so efficient, that it seems unfair. I was very impressed with his team, and how they work. He gets technology, and social media in particular.

My biggest regret from this year's SxSW is that I ran in Anthony multiple times and don't have a photo to show for it.


Funeral Kings

I absolutely loved this film about a group of kids at a Parochial, Catholic High School who are altar boys. As a result, they often get out of school for funerals. The director in this case really captured the environment in which this is set. Having been an altar boy myself, I could really relate. (Yes, we used to sneak chugs of the wine).

I won't spoil the plot, and will just add that this was just a great, and fun film.

Sleepwalk with Me

This film was based upon real life comedian, Mike Birbiglia, and his sleepwalking problem. There a few places where the story line had an odd flow, but for the most part it was enjoyable. Mike and some of his family were present afterwards to take questions.

Sleepwalk with Me

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