Friday, April 20, 2007

SxSW 2007 and beyond

I fully intended to write a SxSW 2007 report. Actually, I had foolishly told myself that I would blog daily during the festival. This was lunacy, and of course I did not succeed in either effort. As fate would have it, the 4 straight 20 hour days killed all hope of a daily blog. Then, an almost week long flu and a kitchen accident resulting in several stiches to my left middle finger, sabotaged the wrap-up report.

At this point I'll sum up the year's SxSW by saying the 2 highlights of the week for me were KTu and the Pete Townsend/Rachel Fuller show. (If there is medal given to soundmen, then the one at Townsend's show deserved one. The sound at La Zona Rosa was exceptional).

Groupo Fantasmo was also impressive, and I also affirmed (as I suspected) that I'm not much of an Iggy Pop fan. My friend Joe wrote a pretty comprehensive review of the week here

Weather permitting, I hope tomorrow to go see the Old Settler's Music Festival in Dripping Springs. I am also counting the days, because in less than one month I will get to see Porcupine Tree live, for the first time.

On a different note, I popped my iTunes cherry. I am playing piano on one cut of Jennifer and Bill Chrisman's new CD, Long Way. It's also available on CDBaby, Rhapsody, and has been uploaded to Podshow (having debuted on the PodOnOver Podcast).

Baby steps ....