Saturday, December 12, 2009

Allan Holdsworth at the Continental Club

Allan Holdsworth returned to Austin for an early and intimate show at the Continental Club. This show was very similar to the show that I saw, a little over a year ago, at the same venue. And once again, the band consisted of Chad Wackerman on Drums, and Jimmy Johnson on Bass.

The show took off with the Fifth and Fred, touching base with Proto-Cosmos somewhere along the way before landing about 90 minutes later. The problem as always, is his shows leave you wanting more. And with dates announced for early next year with Bozzio, Mastellotto and Levin, as well as others with Alan Pasqua, I am left in a quandary concerning whether to blow my Frequent Flyer miles on a trip heading West or East.

The best part of the show at the Continental was the small crowd, and getting to actually chat with Allan, Chad and Jimmy after the show. I begged Allan to bring Alan Pasqua along to Austin one of these days, and he smilingly acknowledged that it he would enjoy it, as well.

Allan Holdsworth, Chad Wackerman, and Jimmy Johnson

South River City, Dec 12, 2009