Friday, February 12, 2010

Veterinary Woes and What's Next

Recent Woes

The past month has been a little rough. The day after witnessing my Ravens lose their Divisional Round Playoff Game to that team from Indy, one of my two cats contracted Pancreatitis and Hepatic Lipidosis.

After a week in ER, and another 2 weeks with a feeding tube, I had little time for anything but work and taking care of her. Fortunately, she seems to have recovered nicely. The only casualty so far, has been my Lifestreaming experiment

Near Horizon

The forecast calls for lots of music. First, there's SxSW in a month, followed by a fantastic week in April, where I will get to see Porcupine Tree, Jeff Beck, and Chick Corea within a 4 day period. Can't wait.