Sunday, July 08, 2012

Crimson Projekct and Dream Theater at the Moody

Crimson Projekct

Some friends of mine and I got these tickets ages ago. While excited at the prospect of seeing my friends again, I had been forewarned that they would only be doing a 45 minute set, opening for Dream Theater. The logistics were such too, that neither I, nor any of the other Austin campers were able to meet up with the band. Actually, I did run into Pat, but we were only able to talk briefly.

Set List

The music went by very quickly, but none the less, the crowd enjoyed it. My one take away from tonight was that Tobias Ralph and Markus Reuter are beasts.

  • B'boom - Thrak
  • Dinosaur
  • Elephant Talk
  • Red
  • Frame by frame
  • Thela Hun Ginjeet
  • Indiscipline


This night almost seemed like one big tease. Not matter, there will be plenty of time to hear Crimson music and socialize in late August, when I return to camp.


Dream Theater

Unlike my friends, I'm not a huge Dream Theater fan. I don't hate them, but I have long felt that they sacrificed musicality and soul, on the altar of technique. I found it kind of humorous that during the show, James LaBrie commented on that fact they are accused of having no soul, and then tried to disabuse the band of this reputation. If anything, he made matters worse drawing attention to this.

They were of course touring to support their new album, and also had new drummer, Mike Mangini. Honestly, I seem to really only like their early stuff, and so far, I'm still in the Mike Portnoy camp. Honestly, I think he will be back with the band in the future.

The setlist for the show can be found here.