Monday, October 26, 2009

The Unaswered Question

This past weekend, I attended Pat Pattison's Songwriting Workshop, for the second time. Like the first workshop, it was a fantastic and fun weekend.

My purpose in posting however, is not to discuss that, but to talk about a set of video lectures, the Pat recommended. The Lectures are titled, The Unanswered Question, Six Talks at Harvard by Leonard Bernstein.

At the present time, I have only viewed the first and second talks, and these lectures are amazing. They tie together concepts that I have acquired over my musical life. Some of this information has already been relayed to me in the past, by my teacher, John Esposito. Over time, I had found similar threads and references, in interviews of Steve Reich and Victor Wooten. Of course, Pat is also very tuned into this meme.

Even though I still many hours of viewing to go, I can safely say that I know I will never look at Music the same way again. Among other things, the Lectures provide the framework for a Grand Unified Theory that succeeds admirably, in tying together Language and Linguistics with Music.

These lectures are must viewing for anyone that loves music.