Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tu at the One World Theater

Being a huge Krim-head, I immediately bought a ticket to this show when I saw it on the One World calendar.   I was confused however, while purchasing tickets to see  that there were two types of GA tickets for the show.   This was the first time that the One World was having a Club Night show.   Tables were set up in the area in front of the stage, rather than the normal folding chairs.

Tu, in case you aren't aware, is a duet featuring two King Crimson alumni, Pat Mastelotto on drums and percussion, and Trey Gunn, on Warr guitar, a touch guitar instrument similar to a Chapman Stick.   This show also featured vocalist, Chrysta Bell, a singer who fronted the now defunct, Austin band, 8 1/2 Souvenirs, as a special guest.

For the first portion of the show, Pat and Trey played instrumentals.   In general, I find it difficult to remember the titles of their instrumental songs, but I did recognize that they played Absinthe, a song they usually play with their trio, KTu.

Like Porcupine Tree, Tu is also very multi-media savvy and synchronizes their music with some really impressive and artistic video.   After 2 or 3 songs, Trey introduced himself and Pat and commented on the fact that they usually didn't get to play in such a nice sounding room.

After the first hour, Chrsyta joined Tu on stage.   She has a very powerful voice, and played several numbers including a song that she had co-written with film director, David Lynch.   The group was also joined on stage for one song, by a keyboardist, who was also video taping the show.

For the encore, Tu first played an instrumental number, and then were rejoined on stage by Chrysta.   For the final number, the band began playing the very recognizable King Crimson song, Starless.   The crowd erupted into applause.

This last number was actually a medley starting with Starless, and going into 21st Century Schizoid Man, before returning to Starless.   I can only hope that a recording of this will be available at some time.

After the show, Trey, Pat and Chrysta were all available for a meet and greet.   It was a great night of music.


Trey Gunn has posted about the Austin and Dallas shows, and included some video on his blog, here.