Friday, December 22, 2006

Zappa plays Zappa in Dallas

I'm presently listening to Frank Zappa's, "One Size Fits All". I'm feeling pensive, as I think about what we all lost when Frank passed away.

This was probably spurred on by my trip to Dallas this weekend. For over 3 hours this past Saturday, I was lucky enough to witness a true musical spectacle.

Dweezil Zappa was in Dallas with 7 other amazing musicians including Zappa alumnus, Napolean Murphy Brock for the Zappa plays Zappa tour. By his own admission, after a years practice, Dweezil had only managed to learn 40 songs from his prolific father's 70 plus albums of material. One can only hope that Dweezil follows through with his promise of more material and tours!!!!!

All I can say, is WOW. I'm willing to say this may have been the best 8 musicians I've ever seen on stage together at one time. Then the number miraculously swelled to 10 as they were joined by both Terry Bozzio, and Steve Vai.

For me, this show can only be described as an Eargasm! Of course, the Muffin Research Center is alive and well