Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dodgers at the Orioles

Baseball is Back in Baltimore

Most of my friends know me as a Ravens football fanatic. While this is true, my first sports love has always been the Baltimore Orioles. As a little kid, I was a Jr. Oriole. During my college days, I would average 20-30 games a summer. Now, I watch from afar.

Unfortunately, this once great franchise had slide into mediocrity. For years, I have been quietly watching my O's on, hoping that they would right the ship. (Preferably, with a new owner).

Two years ago, the team hired Buck Showalter as the new manager. Quickly thereafter, the team showed signs of turning it around, culminating in their first playoff appearance in 15 years, last season. Buck had this team advance into the 2nd round of the playoffs, so baseball was in fact back in Baltimore.

Planning a trip back home to see Steven Wilson, this weekend was also near my nephew Stephen's birthday. He is also a big sports fan, so it seemed only natural to take him to a baseball game, after the NFL game around Christmas.

After talking to my friend in Baltimore about getting tickets, we eventually had 9 people going, including myself, my brother in-law, and all 4 of my nephews. We sat in the Picnic Perch. It was basically a set of Club Level seats out in Left Field, accompanied by an all you can eat selection of hotdogs, popcorn, peanuts, nachos, and soda.


The game was a little bit of a disappointment since it was the O's only loss of the weekend. But the weather was nice, and I really enjoyed myself. I've already planned an trip back around my birthday in October, hoping that I will be able to catch the Ravens and an MLB playoff game.



On the way out, we stopped in the outfield plaza, to look at the newly installed statues of Jim Palmer, Cal Ripken, Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson, Eddie Murray, and Earl Weaver. All players from my youth.

Brooks Robinson Statue