Wednesday, January 21, 2009

RIP: Patrick McGoohan

If I didn't listen to Gardner Goldsmith's podcast, I would have never heard the news that Patrick McGoohan (aka. Number 6) has passed away. Major bummer.

Kind of disappointing, since there was some talk of a remake of The Prisoner, a few years back. Now more than ever, I think McGoohan's message needs to be heard.

This show taught me to question all uses of the word we.

Ravens wrap up

I have mixed feelings about this season. On one hand, I feel they exceeded all expectations. With 16 players, including 3 defensive starters, on IR, a Rookie QB and Head Coach, the thought of playing the AFC Championship game seemed almost absurd. Losing the game however, was bitter sweat. Windows into the big game are hard to come by, and nothing is guaranteed next year.

Fate unforunately, conspired against the team. Hurricane Ike forced the team to take their bye in week 2, rather than originally scheduled, week 10. As a result, Sunday's game was the 18th straight week that they had played. I knew in my heart that they didn't have anything left in the tank (running on fumes, as they say).

Well, it's 8 months until Camp and Flacco is clearly a Franchise QB! I guess I'm rooting for the Cardinals in two weeks ;)