Monday, March 11, 2013

SxSW 2013 - Day 4

Stephen Wolfram

Wolfram gave a talk on the future of Computation. It was similar in content to one of his TED talks. I find him to be a very engaging speaker, and felt he did a good job of holding the audiences attention, unlike the NASA presentation.

Stephen Wolfram

Rewind This

This was an outstanding documentary about the history of Video Tape. It's hard to believe that several decades have passed, since video tape's heyday.

I found it particularly humorous to realize that very little has changed. The MPAA and their affiliated content producers were as afraid of the video tape back then, as they are the Internet, today.

Computer Chess

The next film of the day was Computer Chess. It was a local effort, made here in Austin. I really didn't enjoy the film, its low budget charm was not able to compensate for a multitude of problems.

Computer Chess


The next film on my schedule was an exceptional, biographical, documentary about world renown physicist, Stephen Hawking. This was a remarkable film about a remarkable man.

The Infamous Grumpy Cat

Unbeknownst to me, Grumpy Cat was one of the big stories from SxSW in the press. As I was walking down 6th Street, I noticed this rear projection in a two story bay window, above what used to be the SoHo.

The infamous grumpy cat


The main character in this movie, is a musical savant, named Jim, who had experience severe abuse and trama as a child. Now an adult, he appears to have his mental health issues under control, but becomes obsessed with a young social worker, Wendy.

Things slowly begin to spin out of control, but there are several unexpected plot twists before it is all over. Snap is a dark, but interesting film, and is well made.

Snap Q&A

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