Sunday, March 10, 2013

SxSW 2013 - Day 3

Sixth Street in the Morning

As walked over to the Paramount from the Convention Center, I took this picture of Sixth Street. I am always amazed to see it cleaned up every morning, given the condition I had witnessed it in, the previous night.

6th Street in the morning


The first film of the day was Mud. A narrative set in the Ozarks, starring Matthew McConaughey as the main protagonist, Mud, a murderer who is on the lam and hiding from bounty hunters, on a small river island. He is discovered by two local teenage boys, who are drawn into to his problems. I can't say too much more, without giving away the whole movie.

I felt the film did a good job of bringing the viewer in this Ozark culture, and surroundings, and the acting was very good. I wasn't as sold on the actual story, and felt that some aspects of the plot seemed somewhat unbelievable.

None the less, I would recommend this film to others.


Mud Trailer

Awful Nice

In hindsight, I could have skipped this movie. It was bad! It was supposed be about sibling rivalry between two brothers, with a healthy dose of physical comedy. I didn't find it very funny, and didn't take away anything from the viewing.

There was no trailer available, so that why I didn't post one. Just as well.


At last year's SxSW, I saw Alex Winter, Sean Parker, and Shawn Fanning discuss the production of this documentary about Napster. It was nice to see the finished product, and equally cool that all 3 returned this year.

This film was fantastic, and I could easily watch it again. You should go see it, if you can.


Downloaded Trailer

The Punk Singer

This was another excellent music documentary, about Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of the band Bikini Kill, a seminal band in the Riot Girl movement. It was funded by Kickstarter, which I was happy to see.

This was a well made documentary, and succeeds in drawing you into Kathleen's life, even if you don't enjoy her music or agree with her politics.

Kickstarter Preview

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