Sunday, July 21, 2013

Orioles vs. the Rangers

Busy Weekend

I had originally planned on going to the see the O's play the Rangers on Saturday, but that was before I realized that it coincided with the Lone Star Ruby Conference. After trolling around the Nest 512 group, I was able to cut a you buy, I fly deal, with my friend, Matt Sadowsky. He had 2 tickets, 28 rows back right next to the Orioles dugout.

This was my first trip to the new Rangers ballpark, having previously seen a game at the old one in '93. It was a bit of a drag, driving up with all the traffic and delays. We arrived just missing the first inning, but saw the Orioles complete their sweep, of a 3 game series.

Slowly closing in on the Bosox and Rays!

Panorama of Rangers Ballpark

Matt Wieters at bat

Orioles celebrate post-game

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