Wednesday, March 16, 2011

SxSW Day 5


Metadata: The Backbone of the Digital Music Commerce

This was a fairly interesting panel for content publishers, and artists. The panel discussed all of the metadata standards available for audio and visual content, and why they were important.

For someone not in this business, it would probably not be too engaging.

A Conversation with Randall Poster

I was anxious to see this talk, because Randall Poster is one of Hollywood's biggest Music Superviors. Originally, the interviewer was supposed to be Austin based, director, Richard Linklater.

Richard was unable to make it, so the substitute just happened to be my friend (and Austin Composer), Graham Reynolds. I will most likely re-listen to the audio for this interview several times.

Interview with Music Supervisor, Randall Poster

Practically Funny: How Alternative Comedy Kings Have Learned to Reach the Masses

This panel was a lot of fun, because all of the speakers were comedians. The host was Baratunde Thurston who is a writer and editor for the hilarious newspaper, the Onion.

Writing this now reminds me that I have never managed to catch any of the standup showcases during SxSW, and that in general, I have not been to a comedy club in a long time. I think that I need to remedy that.


My first stop of the night for music, was Momo's. Since I was outside, I had to take a picture of Katz's. I ate there for the last time on 12/28/2010, 6 days before they closed their doors for good. Truly a sad day, and horrible way to bring in the new year!! Katz's Klosed

Austin and Memphis Music Foundation Party

The reason I was headed to Momo's was to attend an Austin Music Foundation Party. Unfortunately, I could only stay for the first hour, since I had two films that I wanted to catch. I was unable to catch Martin Atkin's talk this time. AMF and Memphis Music Foundation Party Schedule

The first band up was Star & Micey, an excellent Americana act, with a strong Bluegrass feel. Star & Micey at Momo's


Both films that a selected tonight were music based.

Love Shines

This film was a documentary about Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Ron Sexsmith. Ron is an exceptional talent, who has never managed to get over the hump. This film documents his latest album and tour.

In order to jumpstart his career, Ron selected famed producer, Bob Rock, to help him on this album. You may recognized Bob Rock more for his work with Heavy Metal Bands, such as Metallica. Surprisingly, I felt Rock was even better at producing an acoustic artist like Sexsmith, than metal bands.

Along the way (and in the documentary), Ron also has received help from Keifer Sutherland, Steve Earle, Elvis Costello, and Sheryl Crow. The screening ended with a Q&A with both the director, and Ron himself. (BTW, Ron was also showcasing at SxSWm). Q&A for Love Shines

Sound It Out

This was a wonderful documentary about the last record store in northeast England, Sound It Out Records. Afterwards, the director and the store owner (and subject of the film) were available for Q&A.

All of this talk of vinyl, has me pining to get a new cartridge and break out my old turntable and vinyl collection, again. Sound It Out Cast

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