Saturday, November 06, 2010

Fun Fun Fun Fest - Day 1

This was my first Fun Fun Fun Fest, and I'm questioning whether I'll bother next year. I was already bummed because Devo was forced to cancel, after Bob Mothersbaugh's severe tendon injury a few weeks back. Of course, I should have known that the day may have been a let down after last night's stupendous show.

I arrived shortly before 2PM, to discover that the Willcall line was around the block and almost down to the 35 frontage road. Well over an hour later, I finally entered the grounds. As a result, I was not in a good mood.

Willcall line for Fun Fun Fun Fest

I spent the next five hours, standing, inhaling dust and pollen, and listening to a lot of mediocre bands. I spent most of my time at the Orange stage, and found the bleed over from the Black Stage, with all the Metal and Thrash acts, to be particularly annoying. Hopefully, things will improve tomorrow. I will be going after the Ravens game and hope to catch Deerhunter, who opened for Porcupine Tree at Sunset Station, back in August.

Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
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