Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The O's vs the Rays - 1st game 2010

For me, the Orioles have been a Baltimore sports constant (unlike NFL or NBA franchises).

Growing up in Baltimore, my first memories of watching professional sports were the Orioles. I know I went to my first game in '68 (as a Jr. Oriole) to watch them play the Detroit Tigers. I'm not sure that I actually remember the '66 World Series, but I definitely remember their other WS appearances,'69 - '71, '79, and '83. I also remember some absolutely awesome pennant races against the Yankees, Red Sox, Brewers, Tigers, and Blue Jays.

During my college days, I was particularly prolific in game attendance, and estimate that I went to at least 30 games a season. GA tickets were cheap in those days, and they let you bring in your own beer. You just couldn't bring in bottles or cans, so we would pour a case into a Coleman jug or cooler.

Fast forward to 2010. Unfortunately, my interest in the team has waned over the past decade primarily because of the present owner, Peter Angelos. So much so, that after 6 or 7 straight years of having, I finally dropped my subscription in disgust and frustration in 2007.

This year, I decided to come back home and get the subscription again. Last night we played the Rays for our season opener. Things went well for 8 and half innings, and we were ahead 3-2 going into the bottom of the ninth. The O's brought in the closer, Gonzalez. At first, he reminded me a little of the great Tippy Martinez (our closer from the 80's, who was a great Yankee killer). Any reminders of Tippy were quickly eradicated when Gonzalez proceeded to load the bases with 1 out, and then gave up a walk-off hit.

They didn't look too bad, I just hope I am able to still stomach watching games after the All-Star break.

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