Monday, October 01, 2007

Interesting KC news

Well I'm still stinging from the Raven's loss to the Poop Stains yesterday, but Monday is a new day and I was excited to hear about line-up 8, of King Crimson. I followed a link from the DGMLive Site, where Pat Mastellotto has given away the fact that this line-up will be a 5 piece.

The quote: We will be a 5 piece and i think you know 4 of us. In fact I'm sure you know the 5th man too (an incredible drummer that i will be delighted to work with). I think you'll have to tune in to Robert's diary over at the DGM site and await the official announcement.

My first guess and hope is Terry Bozzio, based upon the comment about the tour being restricted to the US. However, these other possibilities come to mind:

  • Danny Carey - particularly if I were betting on this
  • Jerry Marotta
  • Eric Slick
  • Bruford? - maybe the hatchet has been buried again

I was tempted to add Gavin Harrison, but I think he has way too much going on with Porcupine Tree and 05Ric. It also occurred to me that this might be a trick, where the 5th member is not the drummer, Belew is the drummer, and it's someone like David Cross or David Sylvian.

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